The very common movement in low impact classes is a grapevine

November 19th, 2008 by Al Lewis (alewis)

You’ve got to get to the gym first and there are machines in there that will assist you in doing this. There’s a machine called the assisted dip and pull up machine. What I suggest, get on that machine, set the weight at about 50%, put your hands up and just start doing your pull ups.

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16 Responses to “The very common movement in low impact classes is a grapevine”

  1. george Says:

    Could someone post a comment and tell me why we are not alredy doing this? This seems like a screamingly obvious way out of the, um, box? I can’t believe that no one in Washington has come up with this. Hoepfully it’s not caught up in the imigration debate

  2. demlib Says:

    probably this has gotten confused with immigration policy and would be opposed for that reason but this makes a lot of sense.

  3. alewis Says:

    Yes, the whole point is that it seems like it DOES make sense and yet it isn’t even being considered. No one (except here) as even suggested it. What is wrong with it? What am I missing?

    I think the word “immigration’ is political poison but we have to get over that. This is not about immigration.

  4. stevech Says:

    Maybe there is something wrong with this — the problem with your website is that no one is arguing the negative. Is there something we are overlooking? Why isn’t this even being discussed? We need to look at ALL options, like now.

  5. deb Says:

    I think other countries would get annoyed at us taking their people. I don’t think that’s why we aren’t doing it (like Bush cares what other countries think). I think we aren’t doing it because no one has thought of it but if they DID think of it the reason we wouldn’t do it is becasue other countries would get annoyed

  6. dmeyer Says:

    There is probably some reason related to immigration policy why we don’t do this but whatever it is can’t possibly be as important as brinking our economy and the world’s back from the brink. Just do it!

  7. firstgenerationamerican Says:

    I googled on “economic recovery” and “immigration’ and no one is proposing this. The closest was oen of twelve points in a Forbes editorial to increase quotas for skills-based immigrants, which is fine but still misses the big picture. New home sales were at their lowest point in 50 years last month…let’s bring in some people to buy them, and then furnish them

  8. alison Says:

    there is slso a website which propsoes stopping illegal immigration to solve the eocnomic problems. it doesn’t say how — probably that is their answer for everything. I agree that we do need more illmigration faster to do end the recession

  9. jimg Says:

    I saw that Forbes list of 12 points. They put this on as a way of getting more skilled people into the country. They totally missed that it could be a major source of demand for goods and services. What is wrong with our government that it isn’t doing this right away?

  10. dwmeast73 Says:

    saw the comments on the Friedman article suggesting to come here. This is way smarter of an idea than what he was proposing because it creates something out of nothing ,as opposed to having the government just try to rescue the industry

  11. Free Vertical Jump Training Says:

    Excellent review. I think we aren’t doing it because no one has thought of it but if they DID think of it the reason we wouldn’t do it is becasue other countries would get annoyed.I think other countries would get annoyed at us taking their people.I think the word “immigration’ is political poison but we have to get over that. This is not about immigration.

  12. mikedowling Says:

    Free hit it on the head on the immigration word being poisonous. I don’t think other countries would get annoyed because they count on the US to jumpstart the world economy.

  13. humble economist Says:

    Just wondering…where all these people going to work? So we have to create new jobs for all of these new immigrants or are they going to take the jobs that the currently unemployed have a chance of getting reemployed into? These people don’t need to move here - companies send US jobs overseas because of the uncompetitive US burdens placed on them (over regulation, taxation and litigation)

  14. Al Lewis Says:

    the whole point is that ONLY immigrants who can ADD to the demand sidfe of the equation by coming in with “means” would be eligible for entry into the US.

  15. dailyfinancereader Says:

    hey, dailtfinance just cribbed your idea but they added that Canada did exactly what you are proposing 20 years ago when they had an oversupply of houses

  16. How To Buy Tax Foreclosures In California Says:

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