Against Real Estate Democratization

March 9th, 2009 by lisajacobs8

My name is Lisa Jacobs and I am a highly educated woman with a M.D. and a M.P.H.. I am also an ex of a real estate investor who was a graduate of Harvard Law School. We were real estate investors. My ex was fed up with dumb agents showing us what we did not want to see. I went and got my MA real estate sales person’s license and I am going for my broker’s license soon. My broker will sign my broker license after I do one more deal. So, bring me that deal. My experience follows. I have sat through the real estate and broker MA license required courses. I have also sat through the continuing education courses. I also have sat through training at Century 21 and Keller Williams. My take follows: The public is resentful of the earned compensation that agents make, but that they well deserve. Let me explain. Go to the National Association of Realtors web site and check it out yourself. 98% of people who try to sell themselves end up converting to using a realtor. Only 2%of people are able to sell for sale by owner. In addition, a family that uses a realtor put a net 16% more in their pocket generic cialis pills online. When a for sale by owner sale takes place the buyer argues that the price should be low because a commission is not involved. Real estate is a hard profession because people are frankly mentally ill generally speaking in the public. In addition, they change their minds, don’t return calls, cancel appointments, have buyer or renter’s remorse, etc.

Lisa Jacobs, REALTOR


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2 Responses to “Against Real Estate Democratization”

  1. bceconomist Says:

    The fact that sellers get a better price is great for the sellers. But why should the buyers have to pay half for the privilege of the sellers getting a better price?

  2. Your Broker Says:

    you are fired!

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