The “Snail Mail” bill

May 28th, 2009 by rcoons

The Snail Mail bill, I believe it’s time to change the way mail is delivered. I don’t believe anyone in todays society really requires mail delivered six times a week. My bill would cut delivery in half. Deliver mail to half the recipient’s on Monday, Wednessday and Friday, the other half would be delivered Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The Postal service could see a reduction of half thier mail carriers. Some of which could help out the mail centers. The postal service could offer a voulantary separation package to try to downsize the existing over staffed postal delivery people. If they don’t get enough people interested in this, then maybe some layoff’s. They certainly won’t have to hire as many people as the current system has worked. Also through attrition this could be accomplished. The postal service should see savings and not raise the price of postage stamps. Some of the saved monies could be used to update equipment or purchase new more productive equipment. I see this as a win win situation to try to help the Federal Government to save monies. Recieving mail every other day would be no inconvenience to anyone.

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2 Responses to “The “Snail Mail” bill”

  1. Al Lewis Says:

    Totally a great idea. The whole concept of mail is a centuries-old tradition whose life cycle is approaching its end. No one in a hurry delivers anything by mail any more. And if it’s not needed in a hurry, it can wait until Monday.

    How is this for a first step? Anyone who wants mail more often can get a PO Box, and deliveriies will still get made daily to PO Boxes.

  2. Tooz Says:

    Terrific idea. I thought the idea floated by the USPS of 5 day/week delivery was a good one, but this is better. With on-line bill paying growing and direct deposit of payroll and entitlement checks, very little mail couldn’t wait an extra day for delivery. Most of the mail I get is junk mail anyway…

    Considering the number of miles driven by mail carriers, just the fuel savings (and “greening” of the USPS) would be a tremendous savings and goodwill boost. It might save enough that the USPS could become a public company - perhaps UPS or Fedex could turn it into a profitable business and the sale would generate some income for the government.

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