Guest Post: Raising Money to Pay for US Children’s College Education

January 2nd, 2010 by Middle Blue

Dear OOBonomics Nation:

I know sometimes people don’t like these “guest posts” and I am going to tighten the rules a bit for guest posts, but if I am offering a prize for the best posts, I need to actually post them, right?  So I will post everything that comes in that is not obviously a dumb idea.  (You’d be suprised how many that threshold rules out.)    Also, this particular one is far from the worst idea I have ever heard, if one removes a decimal point or two.


Let’s simply tax non-US student tuition at a rate of 400-500% and use the money to fund loan and grant programs for US citizens.

In return, let’s provide green cards for the foreign students so that they are not forced to return to their country of origin to use our education in a way that creates stronger competition for the USA.


- The non-US students come from wealthy families; they can afford it

- The middle class in America need relief for tuition costs, so why not fund 4 or 5 students fully for every non-US student?

- Today, other countries make it extremely difficult to enter their educational systems; this is only fair

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2 Responses to “Guest Post: Raising Money to Pay for US Children’s College Education”

  1. Tooz Says:

    I love it - what a great idea!

  2. Middle Blue Says:

    Thx for posting this.

    As for the decimal place, I understand why that could appear to be an issue, but I have worked with and gotten to know quite a few of the students up-close. So, although I don’t have hard data to back up my proposed level of taxation, I think it is about right.

    I think most people would be shocked by how many foreign governments pay for not only the student’s tuition, but room, board, stipend, and money for the family back home.

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