News Flash: Nelson Amendment a Major Coup for Choice Advocates

January 3rd, 2010 by Al Lewis (alewis)

Dear Oobonomics Nation:


Whether you are pro-choice and disagree with the above headline, or pro-life and disagree with Roe v. Wade, please hold off on the hate-mail, okay?  Direct that towards people with bombs in their underwear instead.   (While you can’t send me hate-mail, you can still send me disagree-mail or even dislike-mail. )  What you are about to read are OBJECTIVE OBSERVATIONS, not a political diatribe.


Choice advocates have focused on the required separate check that does indeed have to be written for the abortion rider (and you read that separate-check proposal here first, Nation – where do you think Newsweek and then Senator Nelson got the idea?), but they have failed to make four other observations:

(1)    Never before have these 30-million people had abortion coverage.  Since most of them are working-class or below, they faced financial hardship when needing one.  This will no longer be the case because…


(2)    …The rider will cost only around $3/month.  Once again, no one else has noticed this price but I’ve even worked it out on a spreadsheet, not because I need a life, but because in my field of population health management, there is a complete idiot of an actuary who’s been telling people this rider will cost $145/month.  I worked this out to prove how stupid actuaries are (that didn’t take long).


(3)    The “separate checks” requirement is far less burdensome than anyone thinks it is because payment will probably just be collected via a standing credit card and/or paid once a year.


(4)    The win for both sides – and the major and as yet unappreciated coup for pro-life forces (though not at the expense of choice advocates!) – is that many second-trimester abortions will no longer be performed later than they need to be, because it now takes a while to raise the money for them.  You will see a decline in second-trimester abortions following implementation of near-universal coverage.

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2 Responses to “News Flash: Nelson Amendment a Major Coup for Choice Advocates”

  1. cindilou18 Says:

    Yeah! Nice re-cap. I was an L&D nurse in rural Texas, yes I went from Boston to Texas and tried to fit in…, so many women and teens came in at full term never having had prenatal care, vitamins etc. Many of them simply had no access due to poverty, even the most religious would have chosen an abortion (they verbalized this not me). Once the baby is born it is really hard to give it up, and adoption in this country is such an onerous process, that many babies went “home” to environments that their Mom’s never wanted them to see but there were few alternatives. I’m not a Pro-Abortion advocate, I wish there could always be a happy ending. Please don’t send me hate, dislike email either. I’m just glad there is an option for access.

  2. alewis Says:

    Obviously this $3 assumes some basic rules of insurance, like (1) you buy the coverage for a year at a time and (2) the coverage — and the premium for the rider — kick in a few months after you buy it. This delay is NOT the same as a pre-existing condition, because you wouldn’t be paying for the rider during this period either. With a classic pre-existing condition situation, you think you are paying for coverage but your claim gets denied.

    In insurance, you can’t do things like schedule a surgery for (for instance) March, then be uninsured throguh February, and then buy insurance for March, and then be uninsured again.

    Cindy, not to worry about dislike-mail. (1) I get enough for both of us and (2) email addresses are not published.

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