Why America’s Standard of Living Has Fallen

February 11th, 2010 by Al Lewis (alewis)

I am going to take time out from postings that include the typical stuff that makes economics such a turn-off for most people, like equations, numbers, and facts.  And instead get right to the point about why our standard of living has fallen.

You were probably brought up being told that we were the richest country on earth.  Maybe that was true back in the days of Gilligan’s Island, where roughly one in every seven inhabitants was a millionaire (or his wife).     But now fast-forward from Gilligan’s Island to Survivor, where the islands are so poor that the set designers can’t even afford light bulbs.  

You see my point?  That’s okay.  Neither do I.  But one way or the other, our standard of living has fallen to roughly 20th in the world now.   We are even behind Switzerland.  Switzerland.  What a bunch of wimps.  Whereas the United States makes manly products like beef and guns and forklifts and Jumbotrons and Quentin Tarantino movies, Switzerland’s major industries are tourism, watches, trains, cocoa powder, sheep, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, Nestle’s Quik, Ovaltine, and yodeling.

What’s the solution?  To buy OOBonomics, of course.  You can now buy the prototype draft directly from me, and get it signed and numbered, or you could buy it from Amazon here . 

It is full of ideas to help make the economy more efficient without more government spending.  The book won’t solve the country’s economig problems totally.  But at the very least it will take your mind off them for a while.

You’ll also be helping the environment.   Why? Because the ideas are simple enough that OOBonomics can present an entire program to increase our standard of living — in responsible, equitable, sustainable, ways — in less than 220 pages.  Brevity is paramount because leading environmentalists are now urging authors to shorten their books, in order to conserve valuable resources, such as paper, ink, and semicolons.    So you see, just by buying OOBonomics — even before you read it — you are helping to preserve the environment by reducing the average size of books sold in America.  That means the more copies you buy, the more trees you save.  Do the math if you don’t believe me.

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6 Responses to “Why America’s Standard of Living Has Fallen”

  1. harvardeconomist Says:

    I thought you might be out of funny postings but I guess not.

  2. littauergal Says:

    is your book this funny? I thought it was serious. Serious economics books are a dime a dozen

  3. jwc Says:

    agreed - lol - but don’t forget switzerland’s other big industry which is hiding the assets of hoolocaust victims

  4. antitooz Says:


  5. Irish Pirate Says:

    Don’t you suppose that the real culprit is the debt based money and if we could simply get rid of it, along with the drag created by interest due and payable to the international gangbanksters, that we would all be much better off? After all, the Constitution for these united States literally screams for a value based system and not the manipulable fraud that operates today

  6. gator Says:

    LOL and Great interview this morning here in Gainesville. Can you tell us if it is still possible to win the big prize?

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