A Kinder, Gentler Registry of Motor Vehicles

April 28th, 2010 by Al Lewis (alewis)

Anyone been to the RMV since they downsized?  Did you get out and back the same day?   This idea won’t reduce the length of the trip but it will make it more pleasant:  Why don’t they hand out pagers, like they do when you’re waiting for a table at a restaurant?   That way you don’t have to sit around.

Better yet, the most popular registries are located in shopping districts or malls.  It would be easy to get local businesses (or the mall itself, as in Watertown) to sponsor these pagers. 

Customers would be happier, the Commonwealth would save money, and local businesses would benefit.

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One Response to “A Kinder, Gentler Registry of Motor Vehicles”

  1. paula silva Says:

    actually i will be going for the second time…very soon..since they downsized…..the people working there.(reading registry)..were extremely pleasant…and i was there with my sister in law…whose liscensed had expired three years earlier….the very best thing….it was so fast…considering…it was a monday….midday…..and there were hardly any people around…..lets hope its the same…when i have to go back….very soon….and btw……excellent point about pagers-and not sitting around waiting……..

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