The Winner: “Opting out” of Yellow Pages delivery

April 29th, 2010 by Al Lewis (alewis)

On last night’s Nightside (WBZ 1030) Dan Rea and I fielded 20 calls with ideas for improving quality of life (or the environment or anything else).  The idea quality was shockingly good overall, especially compared to the average “guest post” I occasionally put up here.  The ideas were so good you would forget you were listening to AM Talk Radio.   (I told Dan I go on his show to “get in touch with my inner Republican.”)

The winner, submitted by Cara from Cambridge, is for someone (presumably an environmental group) to make available little stickers showing “walking fingers” with a BIG GHOSTBUSTERS-TYPE SLASH THROUGH THEM.  (The design is my idea.)  There would be a law saying that if you put one of these on your door, the yellow pages companies are not allowed to leave their books on your doorstep.   Imagine a “do not call” list for yellow pages delivery.

I myself generally carry them right from the doorstep to the recycling bin.   So why would they deliver these books if no one wants them?  Simple — the advertisers are promised a certain amount of distribution.    Presumably Darwin will take care of those advertisers at some point and the yellow pages companies will go out of business, but until then, Cara’s idea rules.

Within a day or so, I’ll put up the link to the entire interview for anyone who wants to hear more ideas.  And every few days I’ll post a couple more good ones.

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2 Responses to “The Winner: “Opting out” of Yellow Pages delivery”

  1. thinkoobfan Says:

    I heard the show too, kinda by accident (you didn’t post to your OOBfans that you were going to be on!), and was surprised. whoda thought there were that many smart people listening to talk radio. it was almost like listening to npr.

  2. littauergal Says:

    these were good ones but from the promo I expected bigger ideas. yeah–should be on NPR

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