“The ADA design standards

August 31st, 2010 by Al Lewis (alewis)

“The ADA design standards are triggered when a business carries out an alteration of its facilities,” they wrote in the statement. “Specific examples of an alteration include restriping a parking lot, moving walls, moving a fixed ATM to another location, installing a new sales counter or display shelves, changing a doorway entrance, replacing fixtures, flooring or carpeting. Normal maintenance, such as reroofing, painting or wallpapering, is not an alteration.”.

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Right now the Army is beefing up fences around the Multi Range Area. The 8,000 acre former gunnery range already has multiple layers of fences and rolls of barbed concertina wire in place. But Kay Rodriguez, spokesperson for the Presidio of Monterey, says the additional barbed concertina wire has been installed over the past few months.

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