Thank you for your comments…keep them coming in and we WILL move the Yankees

December 21st, 2010 by Al Lewis (alewis)

I have to think they aren’t an Evil Empire and that my requests have just gotten lost in the bureaucracy.  Keep the comments coming in.  Keep forwarding things to (and just to keep ‘em honest, )

I am very moved by all these comments, and they are bringing back many bittersweet memories of my own personal loss…

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13 Responses to “Thank you for your comments…keep them coming in and we WILL move the Yankees”

  1. Manny Says:

    I was your number 200 fan and am very gratified to see how many more people have joined up. The more you have, the more likely the Yankees will be to do this. I knew other people had lost loved ones to ALS but I never would have guessed how many until I woke up this morning and saw.

    tell your friends about this great cause in general and especially this great way to raise money for it.

  2. harvardeconomist Says:

    you make it sound like they’re doing us a favor. it’s more in their interest than ours. They gain a ton of fans — basically anyone in the country touched by ALS — and have people wearing their jerseys, get lots of great press.

    yeah, i agree with this post. Not an evil empire (though I am still a Sox fan, just not paying attention to you yet. have you tried linkedin?

  3. artbillips Says:

    ballclubs don’t respond to fan inquiries because most fans who have nothing better to do with their time than call a team, are idiots and their ideas are stupid. Yours is the one-in-a-million that isn’t, but they aren’t set up for that. You’ll have to figure out something else

  4. littauergal Says:

    try going to the “old” media once you have 5000 fans. I’ve been following all your “outside the box” ideas for 2 years and this is one of the best. Most of the time with good causes someone asks people for money. Here is a case where people want to give someone money but that someone isn’t asking for it yet.

    How hard can it be to stitch the letters “ALS” on the back of a jersey and sell it?

  5. fleming Says:

    I wrote to them too. I think they are out until the New Year. But keep writing.

  6. oobfan Says:

    why not bring in the New York Times? Why are we also supposed to write to the Boston Globe and not the Times?

  7. Khan Says:

    Great idea for a great cause—and you know, I think its gonna work. Nice effort for a lot of people and families struggling with a horrible condition. The Yanks should do it!

    Next? How do we give some party a viable chance of pushing an agenda that supports true sustainable libertarian values instead of a bunch of social nonsense like class warfare tax issues, posting commandments, feeding our school children CAFO drivel, arming the world etc.

  8. Mark Says:

    Great idea, Al. I’m all for it. Good luck.


  9. kissmyals Says:

    Great idea and hope it works to inspire the Yankess to get involved. The Red Sox are much involved in this fight because Curt Schilling and Mike Timlin have been affected personally by ALS. However, with the disease being named after the legendary Lou Gehrig the Yankees should be strong advocates for awareness and raising money for a cure!

    I sent an email as well …the more the better I guess. Let’s hope for involvement!

  10. kissmyals Says: did not work for me…any other emails that work that our comments should be sent to?

  11. alewis Says:

    hmmm… I wasn’t getting emails returned undeliverable, but here is another choice:

    Try G_COOK@GLOBE.COM. Gareth Cook is the ideas editor. Thank you for your help.

  12. Jim Says:

    I’ve been in healthcare all my career, and like your idea. Considering the knickname for the disease, one might think the Yanks would jump on it. It is one thing to read about a disease, and another to see one die because of it. Reality is painfully intense (and personal) by comparision to learning medical conditions for each disease in a book.

    I like your idea, and lend my support for it. I will personally contact those you recommend. Thanks for sharing your story, and ideas.

    Good luck.

  13. kissmyals Says:

    Thanks so much…that email address did work and so I forwarded my email along. We appreciate your efforts…thanks for sharing your ideas!

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