Former Mass. Governor Cellucci Diagnosed Today with ALS, So How About a Jersey Design Honoring Both Gehrig and Schilling Together?

January 6th, 2011 by Al Lewis (alewis)

How many more people have to succumb before ALS is recognized for what it is?   It’s the most prevalent fatal disease in the country.  Someone posted on the Facebook page a photo of Curt Schilling’s ankle, a photo taken during the so-called “Bloody Sock” game.    Knowing that cameras were going to be focused on his ankle, he stitched “K - ALS” onto his cleats.    (”K,” for those of you who live outside the US, means “strike out” in baseball.)

Schilling is probably the most prominent ALS advocate alive today, and Paul Cellucci was a major Red Sox fan.

So how’s this for an idea?   Professionally speaking, the Yankees hate the Red Sox and vice-versa, and the Yankees especially hate Schilling (once again, professionally speaking — we hope it’s not personal) because of that game.   So what if the Yankees and the Sox were to come together on this jersey idea?  What if, stitched into the Gehrig jersey was a “K ALS” ?    The Sox could honor their former player and former Governor…and two adversaries coming together would transcend fan rivalries.

The jersey also needs a design element to link it with ALS anyway.   Even without Governor Cellucci’s tragic diagnosis linking ALS to Massachusetts, a “K ALS” would link the shirt and the disease elegantly.

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6 Responses to “Former Mass. Governor Cellucci Diagnosed Today with ALS, So How About a Jersey Design Honoring Both Gehrig and Schilling Together?”

  1. thinkoobfan Says:

    great idea to bring everyone together and make this about healing and not just about the Yankees

  2. laura Says:

    i just wanted to stop by say hello , and say how sorry i am , my grandmother had als , every one in my family helped take care of her until we couldnt, my prayers are with your family , the clue is stick together , pray ,
    and may they be understanding , GOD BLESS you & your family my heart & prayers are with you

  3. littauergal Says:

    stories like Celucci’s and Laura’s are exactly why we need to do something now and this is a great way to start, like tomorrow.

  4. juliette Says:

    best fundraising idea i’ve ever seen

  5. mel4148 Says:

    Pepsi is sponsoring a contest this month. The ALS Guardian Angels is trying to win 50K. Please help us to win by voting or texting. Tweet away! Voting allows you to share, so spread the word.
    The ALS Guardian Angels supports families of people with ALS.
    Text: 104660 to 73774
    All information available thru this link. Check it out.

  6. Manny Says:

    Al, don’t give up. this is a great idea. we all want to see it happen and are telling our friends. I can’t wait to buy one

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