MLB Update: Not Time to Pop the Corks Yet, or Even to Put the Champagne on Ice…

February 11th, 2011 by Al Lewis (alewis)

…but it is definitely time to plant the grapevines.   We are “inside the tent” at MLB, albeit at a fairly low level.   Kudos go out to WhyTheHeck Nation’s Jeff Lipton for his perseverance so far.  Jeff found someone in cause-related marketing (not time to mention names yet) who completely got the idea and wants to present it himself to his boss, who may be the decision-maker but is certainly the decision-influencer.

Stay tuned…and keep telling your friends about this site…having 5000 (now 5440) active members of the WhyTheHeck Nation definitely made a difference in this conversation.

And those of you who are still using your own connections at MLB:  Keep trying.    There are differently constituencies in this organization just like in any other organization (except WhytheHeck Nation, where all we want to do is wear the Lou Gehrig jerseys) and we don’t know which will be the most interested, until one of them says “yes.”

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6 Responses to “MLB Update: Not Time to Pop the Corks Yet, or Even to Put the Champagne on Ice…”

  1. ChrisS Says:

    good news! sounds more like stomping on the grapes than planting the grapevines. I’m ready to buy one as soon as they’re ready to sell ‘em

  2. littauergal Says:

    as an economist I have never seen a situation where the buyers were lining up and the sellers were so slow in getting the product out. So much for “efficient markets”

  3. cturnerjoy Says:

    Every time I see someone wearing a baseball jersey I think, This one will be much cooler.

  4. ANDYWYNN Says:


  5. KIMMI Says:

    I would so get one for my husband who has ALS

  6. soxfan Says:

    Can you give us another update? I’m sure I’m not the only person wanting to know what’s happening It always seems like you are getting close but I still don’t see anyone wearing the Jerseys

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