Yes, it is almost Letter-Writing Time. Please put some ideas up on FB and this site

February 23rd, 2011 by Al Lewis (alewis)

Who would have thought you could topple entire dictatorships in less time than it takes to make a baseball jersey?

We do have four different people working on our proposal to MLB, one clawing his way up through the organization, another trying to get us a meeting with a mid-level person, and a third trying to use contacts with the Commissioner himself.

I don’t want to jeopardize any of these conversations by asking people to write a ton of letters to MLB.  HOWEVER, it turns out, believe it or not, MLB is already affiliated with not one, not two, not three, but four ALS associations.   Who knew?   They are very low-profile (the evidence for that being that only one of the 5500 of us knew about them) and not one of them has thought of this.  They raise money via Walks and other more conventional fundraising approaches.  (Not that we are opposed to those at all.  In fact, those walks could be a great place to sell the jerseys!)

There is a maxim in business (and, yes, philanthrophy is a business) that you follow the money.   We have always said  ”This won’t cost MLB anything and the PR will be great.”  However, the organizations that actually financially benefit from the Gehrig jerseys are the ones to whom MLB wold presumably donate the money.  They are the ones with the vested interests in getting these jerseys made and purchased.

Before we send hundreds of letters to these organizations, I’d like to ask for members of the Gehrig Jersey Nation to comment — either right on this site, or in an email to me that I will cut-and-paste anonymously, or on Facebook – on my idea of writing to those organizations, on the theory that they would not just be able to advocate for us, but have a strong financial interest in doing so.

Then, following your comments, we will launch the campaign.

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8 Responses to “Yes, it is almost Letter-Writing Time. Please put some ideas up on FB and this site”

  1. deltahousepledge Says:

    good idea. make it easy for us — list the names and addresses and give us some sample stuff to say. the talking points

  2. Roger P Says:

    Rather than a letter campaign focused on support for the jersey’s, a letter campaign that suggests MLB’s contribution to ALS is largely unknown. This proposed campaign would allow a different group (us) to bring light to the efforts and raise money for ALS at the same time. The best recommendation you can get is when someone else does it for you. That is the idea behind this approach. MLB will get more credit for what they have done and ALS will receive more money while the group will get acknowledgment for their contribution. A win all around.
    Rather than a letter campaign focused on support for the jersey’s

  3. Anonymous Says:

    wish so much Gehrig Jersey Nation-could skip the middleman-does that make sense? Time is so way important-the money needs to get-to the ALS researchers,scientists and doctors-ASAP-I think they should be the only ones to financially benefit-to find therapies…and cures-

  4. paula Says:

    help,hope,knowledge-mda/als division-they need to know about you and what you are doing-IT WILL HAPPEN-I just know it will happen-

  5. Manuel Says:

    Roger P, I am not quite sure what you are asking for??? A Letter to MLB saying “You’re already doing this, might as well get credit for it.” Can you explain? thanks

  6. jamesH Says:

    I see what Roger is asking for and it makes a lot of sense. They are in a vacuum now. We can help bring visibility to their existing efforts.

  7. Chocoholic Says:


  8. sushilover Says:

    ca you give us an update? A lot of people are waiting on this.

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