Possible Breakthrough: Is Our Gehrig Jersey Odyssey No Longer Half Baked?

March 19th, 2011 by Al Lewis (alewis)

Next to “plastics” the most famous line in The Graduate might have been where Benjamin announced to his father that he was going to marry Elaine Robinson. nike air max 90 soldes Mr. Braddock firsts proposes congratulating the Robinsons (who Benjamin says haven’t been told), then Elaine (ditto) and finally asks: “When are you going to pop the question?” Benjamin acknowledges that he doesn’t know when, because Elaine hates him. air max 90 pas cher “Benjamin, ” Mr. Braddock asks: “Don’t you think this idea is a bit half-baked?” “No, Sir,” Benjamin replies. Asics Pas Cher “It’s completely baked.” Well, it looks like the idea of getting Major League Baseball to do anything was half-baked. They have bigger fish to fry. The only way we could have gotten their attention was if we had proof Gehrig’s ALS was caused by steroids. However, thanks to an idea from and a connection to the Gehrig estate provided by alert poster Steve Reichenstein, we now have the attention of that estate, which has a large stake in all-things-Gehrig and whose representatives seem quite interested in working with us. It may still not be possible to completely bake this idea, for reasons we are not yet privy to, but at least this time we will get our case heard on its merits, rather than just thrown out of court. Whytheheck will keep you posted on progress (of course — that’s what I’m here for). Meantime, I and I’m sure others have been as moved by your stories of loss as I’ve sure others were moved by my story http://www.whytheheck.com/2010/12/27/my-own-story-of-als-and-how-this-site-came-to-be/ that started this. Pleeeease keep linking your friends — we are now growing at the fastest rate, in monthly friends, ever. nike air max chaussure More importantly, please keep posting.

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4 Responses to “Possible Breakthrough: Is Our Gehrig Jersey Odyssey No Longer Half Baked?”

  1. littauergal Says:

    great find, Steve!

  2. harvardeconomist Says:

    I miss your economic ideas posts, but this one actually has a chance of working. Keep up the momentum!

  3. soxfan Says:

    a long time ago you quoted Jacob Riis and the stonecutter who strikes 100 blows before breaking the rock with the 101st. You(we) are at are 101st!

  4. Paula Says:

    It is brilliant-and extremely hopeful-and I believe this will HAPPEN-AND WAY SOONER-THAN LATER..there isnt a day that goes by-that your story isnt thought about-keep the momentum going-and Janet for you-forever loved-forever missed but never forgotten-

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