Actual Progress on Gehrig Jerseys

March 27th, 2011 by Al Lewis (alewis)

The bad news is that after four months of our asking for a five-minute phone call to explain our idea, it’s time to use the past tense: Major League Baseball never got back to us. They never took the time to understand that what we are proposing is not just good for ALS but good for MLB. air max 1 pas cher (This isn’t the only time they didn’t “get” something. They also never took the time to understand that steroids were bad for baseball, even though that idea also would have taken about five minutes to explain.) However, the good news is that thanks to WhyTheHeck member Steve Reichenstein, we have figured out how to circumvent MLB altogether, by going right to the current license-holder for the Gehrig jerseys, CMG Worldwide, to work with us. They are actually in the business of selling jersey licenses, so this proposal is of interest to them. Their point person, Phil Korkis, Director of Licensing, has been very responsive and is asking us all the right questions. sac lancel pas cher Meanwhile, the more people we bring onto the site, the more we will have CMG’s attention. The WhytheHeck “Facebook fan” base has been rising steadily every day. People have been posting their stories too. nike tn noir If you have a story, don’t be shy. Asics Pas Cher Site Officiel Every one of us in this group has been touched by ALS, and (speaking of not being alone in the universe), it’s important to feel like we are part of a larger community and that others are going through the same thing.

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6 Responses to “Actual Progress on Gehrig Jerseys”

  1. mikedowling Says:

    If you’re out there, Mr. Kookis (if that is really your name), THANK YOU and you should get a statue in the ALS Hall of Fame, not to mention the other one that I think is in Cooperstown or some place like that?

  2. carlthompson Says:

    If Phil Kookis pulls this off he is the biggest hero in ALS since Gehrig himself. I don’t think there is a Hall of Fame for ALS but if there was he would be in it

  3. antoine Says:

    If you do half as well on the jerseys as you appear to be doingon the books you’ll have a real hit

  4. ANDYWYNN Says:

    that Gehrig site you linked is great — this comment is so that people who look at this site instead of the facebook page know about the link. Put the link in here too and make sure they link back. Everyone on each site should know about the other site.

  5. paula Says:

    Thankyou-everyone-it’s just IMPORTANT- 100 percent IMPORTANT- hope-help-knowledge- never give up-and PLEASE-keep the momentum going STRONG- and Janet for you-forever loved,forever missed-but never forgotten-

  6. garyc Says:

    can you tell us how long it will be before we can buy the jerseys, once you get the go-ahead to buy them?

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