The Good News: MLB Returned Our Call. The Bad News: MLB Returned Our Call

March 29th, 2011 by Al Lewis (alewis)

After several months of trying to get noticed, air max 1 pas cher we did finally get a call returned from MLB. nike tn requin pas cher The person returning the call couldn’t have been nicer and more polite and respectful, goedkoop nike air max 2016 but (1) by the time the message reached her, air max 1 pas cher she didn’t actually know what we were calling about, oakley femme pas cher just that we called; (2) she wouldn’t let me explain the ALS Jersey idea to her or send her an email without my first signing a waiver…even though the idea is already in the public domain (meaning this site) So now I am awaiting the waiver,

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4 Responses to “The Good News: MLB Returned Our Call. The Bad News: MLB Returned Our Call”

  1. Roger P Says:

    No use trying to explain public domain and copyright laws. Go with the flow and win them over is the best hope.

    What if the waiver is really a rights document?

  2. michaelp Says:

    progress…it’s a big organization. You can’t expect more

  3. Al Lewis Says:

    I think the problem is that this is too easy for MLB’s licensing. They are set up on the assumption that people want to make money in conjunction with them and might claim certain intellectual property originated with them etc.

    So they are expecting that someone else’s interest would not be completely aligned with theirs and that the someone else — whom they do not know — will be looking to negotiate the best deal for themselves.

    This is not that situation. All we are trying to do is BUY something from them that they haven’t thought to make yet. We don’t want royalties or an exclusive license or anything else. That’s the problem — the idea is too good.

    A few words of explanation should suffice but we need the chance to provide those few words.

  4. paula Says:

    yeah,you can’t expect more-this is very great news-but still…I think Mr.Al Lewis,Mr.Mike Adams,and Mr. Curt Schilling-all three together-to get this going-ASAP- and WAY SOONER THAN LATER-and Janet for YOU…forever loved,forever missed….but never forgotten……..

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