Update: Time to Take Our Gehrig Jersey Request Public?

April 8th, 2011 by Al Lewis (alewis)

Dear Gehrig Jersey Nation:

Yes, I realize that raising more money for ALS does not automatically lead to advances.  But one thing is certain:  Without more money, there won’t be more advances.   Those of you who have ALS or whose loved ones do, would certainly be excused for being impatient.    At a minimum, wearing these jerseys would allow you to show your support and raise awareness, as well as raising money during your/their lifetimes.

I wish I could say that Major League Baseball shares your sense of urgency, but it’s been 4 months and we still can’t get an audience with them (we did finally have one phone call returned a couple of weeks ago, but they never followed up after that) — even though we are not asking for charity and in fact licensing/selling these jerseys would make them money and improve their public image.

So, my question to the 6129 of you out there is, does anyone know a sportswriter or blogger or someone who can take our quest public?   That might be the only way to get their attention.   I would prefer not to embarrass MLB with public discourse  but I think we’ve exhausted the possibilities of going through channels.

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10 Responses to “Update: Time to Take Our Gehrig Jersey Request Public?”

  1. paula Says:

    12 clock tower place-Nexdinecafe-Mike Adams…where are you? We need you-We need Curt Schilling and we need Al Lewis..all three TOGETHER-to make this happen…….and Janet-for you:forever loved,forever missed,never forgotten………

  2. paula Says:

    David Robichaud-he works for WBZ-lives in the Concord area and was involved with Pennies and Concord Teacakes-

  3. ALSdaughter Says:

    I’ve been following this site for months and you seem to have been incredibly patient. 4 months not returning a call seems like a long time, particularly when measured against the time that many people with ALS have remaining in their lives. So I don’t think it’s rude to try a more public approach.

  4. Jimmyfund Says:

    Seems like everyone thinks this is a brilliant idea except the only people who can OK it.

    Is there something we’re missing?

  5. Dr. Anonymous Says:

    I feel like no one at MLB has even taken the time to look at the idea. There is no way anyone would reject this idea if they understood it.

  6. Paula Says:

    Its not going tohappen by itself-people need to be REMINDED-AND TOLD ABOUT IT more than once..Just like President Obama being reminded twice now about INFUSION-for the future-the person who wants this keeps reminding the PRESIDENT-twice now in 4 months-thing is President Obama remembered and now has his attention-THANKYOU MR. MIKE ADAMS-FOR TAKING THIS Brilliant idea again to Mr. Curt Schilling-andJanet for you-forever loved:forever missed:but never forgotten……

  7. soxfan Says:

    I think we should boycott MLB. Their unwillingness to lift a finger is unconscionable. How does this hurt them or even inconvenience them slightly?

  8. Seanoconnor Says:

    You’d think someone at MLB would notice that you’ve gotten 6300 “fans” for this idea virally and DO something about it. However, I don’t think they are opposed to it. I think they are simply not giving it any thought.

  9. littauergal Says:

    At this point even a “No” would be better than the lack of respect we’re getting now.

  10. Paula Says:

    I think-MLB is just not really thinking about it-you need to get their ATTENTION-asap-because ALSDAUGHTER said it 100 percent perfectly…when she said about the time that PEOPLE have when diagnosed with ALS-AND Mike Adams-thankyou again for taking this idea-to Curt Schilling-again-every step matters,every step is important-and Janet for you-forever loved,forever missed-but NEVER forgotten…..

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