“Round Down” Penny Protest in Concord Remembered by Time Magazine

April 25th, 2012 by Al Lewis (alewis)

Time Magazine fondly recalled our penny protest in Concord in last week’s issue

It wasn’t the lead story but, hey, it was three years ago and people still remember it.

For those of you new to the blog, a number of merchants refused to accept pennies at all, agreeing to round transactions down to the nearest nickel, in order to speed checkout lines and reduce handling costs.   We were able to show these merchants that it costs more than a penny to handle a penny, and that by not handling pennies at all, they saved money.

We need to collect all those pennies to raise money for ALS.  Otherwise pennies are litter.   How do we know they’re litter?  Well, they are indestructable, and yet the mint needs to make 4-billion new ones each year to replace the ones ending up inside coffee cans, vacuum cleaners and the occasional toddler.

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3 Responses to ““Round Down” Penny Protest in Concord Remembered by Time Magazine”

  1. paula Says:

    It might have not been the lead story in Time magazine,but is has to be in The Concord Journal,and PLEASE retailers in Concord,PITCH THE PENNY FOR ALS- and Janet,forever loved,forever missed,but never forgotten-rest in Peace,happiness and love.

  2. paula Says:

    I have worked at Concord Teacakes for almost 21 years. Rounding down is the absolute best except for refusing pennies altogether and everyone knows there that I never take pennies, my co-workers and even all of the regular customers. I work there during my off season-and when they insist on giving me pennies,as they see the total on the register,I simply and very politely,hand them back…with cash transactions…

  3. paula Says:

    Does it even make any sense what so ever,for Concord to pass-banning water bottles to be sold at retail stores? absolutely not…..are they even serious?????? PENNIES FOR ALS……THAT MAKES PERFECT SENSE!

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