Prize Rules

A prize of $500 will be offered for any idea that gets into an edition of Why the Heck Aren’t We Already Doing This Stuff?  either as a chapter or a half-chapter. To qualify, the idea must have ORIGINATED on WhyTheHeck. The prize will not be awarded for an idea which was advocated for on WhyTheHeck but originated elsewhere. This is a creative problem-solving site, not an advocacy site. There must be an “audit trail” linking the policy change back to the WhyTheHeck posting. The “audit trail” need not be direct. The trail might be (for example) from the idea being picked up by another media source and then picked up from there by a policymaker.
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In the event of a “tie,” WhyTheHeck reserves the right to split the prize in any proportion, in its sole discretion, based on its interpretation of the importance of each idea.  In no event is WhyTheHeck required to provide multiple prizes beyond the one already committed to.

Owners of WhyTheHeck and family members, and those contractually affiliated with them may win the prize as the first to have an idea implemented, but are not eligible for the cash.    In the event of dispute, decision of WhyTheHeck is final. In the event of a claim of fraud in that decision, the Boston branch of the American Arbitration Association will decide the outcome, loser to pay court costs.

$100 will be paid for any reader-originated idea published in any print edition of Why the Heck..?   This category includes ideas that can be described in a paragraph or two or three.   In the event of similar ideas, the first date-stamped idea wins the prize or the prize may be split, in the sole judgment of

 $20 will be paid for any published comments in the print edition. 


Liability for disputes arising under this section is strictly limited to $500, $100 and $20 respectively except in the case of fraud.

Prize Rules are subject to revision at any time.  (For instance, we just added “at any time” — that’s a revision.)   Not to worry.  Anyone operating in good faith according to the rules in effect at the time they post who becomes eligible for a prize under those pre-existing rules, will not be affected by any rules change provision for ninety days following the publication of new rules or revisions.