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Why The Heck Aren’t We Already Doing This Stuff? 12 Economic Policy Ideas Even a Congressman Could Understand

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I know what you’re thinking: Why on earth would you want to read Why the Heck Aren’t We Already Doing This Stuff?? Here’s why. You’d enjoy the book if you can think outside the box, if you’re open to new ideas, and if you have a sense of humor. In other words, my accountant hated it. (If your accountant likes it, you should probably switch accountants.) Still not sold on it? Link to some other “here’s why’s” below.

Here’s Why, Part One: Reviews
Here’s Why, Part Two: Author’s Qualifications
Here’s Why, Part Three: It’s FREE

While you can buy a hardcopy of Why The Heck from Amazon here , you can also download an electronic version gratis right now.