Why on Earth Anyone Would Want to Order Why The Heck, Part One: Reviews

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Provocative, original ideas for everyone — Democrats and Republicans alike. Lewis explains them with humor and clarity, and with short enough words that even George W. Bush could understand them.

—James Carville

Very entertaining, but the real reason to read it is for the great and very original ideas. These ideas are why I enjoy having Al on “Montel Across America.”

—Montel Williams

As a veteran hedge fund manager, I wholeheartedly agree that many of the original ideas in this book would be very helpful in stimulating economic growth. Even if you disagree, you will certainly enjoy the laugh-out-loud humor in their presentation.

—Oscar Schafer, Barrons Roundtable member since 1991, Managing Director, O.S.S.Capital Management LP

Finally, an economics book that is fun to read, stimulating to ponder, and useful to implement, with the possibility of a $1-million prize to boot. It rarely gets better than this. Think outside the box and read this book.

—Len Schlesinger, President, Babson College

Excellent economic ideas presented in a uniquely humorous style.

—Regina Herzlinger, Professor, Harvard Business School